SkipperCard offers assistance from afar – so you have to be able to get in conatct with us. Over the past few years the quality and availabiltity of cellular mobile telephony along the coast has been improved enormously. In the meantime many skippers use the classic VHF-radio station onboard only over short distances (“ship to ship”) or to announce their arrival to the harbour master. So for many skippers, sailing along the coast, cellular mobile telephony is the method of choice – even internet access is possible with acceptable data rates. If we are in contact via mobile phone, we are able to use a special App (“VEX”) to start a video communication with you. Having our ears and eyes onboard, it is much easier to evaluate and solve your problem.

On the high seas we depend on communication via sattelite-phone. By the way – these devices are compulsory for the “cruising range 3” ( coastal navigation up to 200 nautical miles from the coast). With a satellite phone verbal and written communication is possible. In oder to provide the best support possible, your “yachtvita” offers essential background information concerning you and your boat. In that way we are able to evaluate your situatuion quickly and correctly to set the right measures.