Technical Assistance

A group of yacht technicians provides assistance in case of a technical problem on your boat that you cannot solve alone. Based on a detailled datasheet of your boat we know what to do. This datasheet is named “yachtvita”, an online database which comprises essential information about your yacht and all the technical equipment. Your yachtvita will be built up by yourself as soon as you become a customer of skippercard. With an easy to use documentation system you complete your database step by step including serial numbers of important components and pictures of your technical installations.The better you care for your yachtvita, the better we can help you. But yachtvita is not only an electronic tool for yacht technicians: It is web-based and so you can read out technical data of your boat wherever you are, keep your electronic logbook, save your yachts documents or check upcoming service demands. If you like sailing more than filling in forms and taking photos – let us know. We can assist to build up your helpful yachtvita onboard your yacht!